Responsibilities for Authors, Reviews, Editors and Publisher


The Journal of Instrumental Analysis (ISSN 1004-4957) follows the recognized publication ethics. Our Journal perform single-blind peer review strictly, and executive three-level referee system, including first-review by editor, review by experts, and final judgment by associate editor and editor-in-chief, which can ensure and enhance the quality of papers. We firmly oppose plagiarism in any form. Authors submitting articles to the journal should affirm that manuscript contents are original. They should also warrant that their article has neither been published elsewhere in any language fully or partly, nor is it under review for publication anywhere.

The editors, authors and reviewers of Journal of Instrumental Analysis should perform the following responsibilities, and adhere to the submission guidelines and other requirements of the journal.


A. Authors' responsibilities


1.The papers submitted ought to meet the demands in ‘Introductions for Authors’ of this publication; Authors must certify that their manuscripts are their original work, in which all the data are real and authentic.

2. Authors must certify that the manuscripts are not currently being considered for publication elsewhere and the manuscripts have not previously been published elsewhere.

3. All Authors mentioned in the paper must have significantly contributed to the research, other people could be stated in the acknowledgement.

4. The signature of Authors in principle is sorted according to their contribution to the paper, agreed by the mentioned Authors and determined before contributing; The signatures of authors and units generally could not make any change after the submission, if necessary indeed, the main principals, the 1st author and the corresponding author, are obliged to submit a written application to the Editors, stating the reasons and signing an approval by the mentioned Authors.

5. Authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes, they must report any errors they discover in their published papers to the Editors.

6. The papers Authors submitted should not concern any hazards to animals or mankind, as well as any languages or experiments which violate ethics.


B. Editors' responsibilities


1. Editors should treat each manuscript with a fair, impartial and timely attitude.

2. Editors are obliged to respect the principle of confidentiality, strictly preserving the anonymity of reviewers, and keeping the Author’s research and related information in secret.

3. Editors are obliged to provide the authors detailed revision advices or rejection reasons.

4. Editors should not allow any conflicts of interest with authors or reviewers.

5. Editors have the obligation to remind the authors that the sequence alteration might probably cause problems concerning copyrights or intellectual property rights.

6. Editors should respect authors’ viewpoints and writing styles, asking for their permissions before making any critical modifications involving academic viewpoints in the papers.


C. Reviewers' responsibilities


1. Reviewers should make responsible reviewing comments on the manuscripts with a fair, impartial and objective attitude.

2. Reviewers should keep the contents, authors’ information and related details in papers confidential.

3. Reviewers should not accept to review the manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest with the authors; In that case, they should make a declaration to the Editorial Board for an avoiding treatment.

4. Reviewers should immediately inform the Editorial Board if they discover that authors have any plagiarism or the manuscripts currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

5. Reviewers should immediately inform the Editorial Board to withdraw a review if they cannot finish any review in a specific time; Otherwise, they are not allowed to entrust others making any review without permission of the Editorial Board.