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  徐磊; 夏宁
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5) [Abstract(780)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (371)]


Study on Nanomaterials Modified Highly Sensitive L-phenylalaine Imprinted Sol-Gel Sensor
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):473-480 [Abstract(1215)]  [View PDF 2.46 M (700)]
Study of Phase Transition Behavior of pH/Temperature Dual Stimuli Responsive Microgels with Interpenetrating Polymer Network Structure by FTIR Spectroscopy
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):481-486 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 2.93 M (314)]
Preparation of Strong Cation Exchange Packings Based on Surfaceinitiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Its Chromatographic Properties
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):487-491 [Abstract(603)]  [View PDF 1.77 M (415)]
Development of Electrochemical Biosensor for Detection of PML/RARα Fusion Gene in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):492-497 [Abstract(543)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (435)]
Methodology Research on Loss of Heterozygosity of APC Gene Detection Exon 11 of Gastric Cancer by Capillary Electrophoresis
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):498-502 [Abstract(470)]  [View PDF 2.29 M (304)]
Determination of Migration Levels of 7 N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable Substances from Household Gloves by Chromatography-Positive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):503-507 [Abstract(823)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (637)]
Study on the Specific Interaction between Monoamine Oxidase and Kyn by Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):509-512 [Abstract(449)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (404)]


Determination of 185 Pesticide Residues in Nuts by Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  李南, 石志红, 庞国芳, 范春林
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):513-521 [Abstract(594)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (599)]
Determination of 16 Harmful Substances in Solvent Based Coatings by GC-MS Method
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):522-526 [Abstract(532)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (381)]
Detection of Phospholipid Compounds in Soybean and Soybean Oil Samples Using Ultrasonic Extraction and Normalphase HPLC with UV Detection
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):527-531 [Abstract(565)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (495)]
Study on Interaction Between Baicalin and Human Serum Albumin
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):532-536 [Abstract(555)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (403)]
Determination of Polyoxin B in Soils by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemiluminescence Detection
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):537-542 [Abstract(734)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (475)]
Electrochemical Behavior and Determination of Bisphenol A on the Gold Nanoparticles-Ionic Liquid Modified Electrode
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):543-548 [Abstract(650)]  [View PDF 1.71 M (474)]
An Improved Direct Standardization Algorithm and Its Applications
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):549-552 [Abstract(425)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (376)]
Study on the Determination of Clebopride in Human Urine by Constantwavelength Synchronous Fluorimetry
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):553-557 [Abstract(367)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (285)]
Determination of Four Trace Phthalates in Water by Online SPE Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):558-561 [Abstract(399)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (275)]


Simultaneous Determination of Synephrine,Evodiamine and Rutecarpine in Fructus Evodiae by Microemulsion Liquid Chromatography
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):562-565 [Abstract(588)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (312)]
Determination of Acetic Acid Content in Vinegar by pH Electrode and Flow Injection Analysis
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):566-569 [Abstract(469)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (353)]
Determination of Benzo [α] pyrene in Vegetables by Reformed QuEChERS-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):570-572 [Abstract(555)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (251)]
Determination of 11 Dinitroaniline Herbicide Residues in Grains by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):573-576 [Abstract(735)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (399)]
FTIR Analysis of Mineral Medicine Lapis Micae Aureus
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):577-581 [Abstract(744)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (322)]


Recent Advances in Monolithic Columns and Their Application in Separation and Enrichment of Glycoproteins
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):582-587 [Abstract(600)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (425)]
Methods of Elimination of Water Vapor Bands from an Infrared Spectrum
  Published 5月 25日, 2011
  2011,30(5):588-592 [Abstract(807)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (415)]