Volume 30,Issue 7,2011 Table of Contents

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Direct Electrochemistry of Myoglobin on Nafion/Fe3O4-CdTe/CdS Composite Film and Its Application in Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensing
  2011,30(7):713-719 [Abstract(2249)]  [View PDF 2.38 M (1020)]
Determination of Nine Phthalate Esters in Pressuresensitive Adhesive and Its Products by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  2011,30(7):720-726 [Abstract(2646)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (1037)]
Direct Electrochemistry of Horseradish Peroxidase at NanoAu/Zinc Oxide Cavities Microelectrode Array
  2011,30(7):727-733 [Abstract(2613)]  [View PDF 2.33 M (908)]
Preparation of a Graphene Composite Coating for Solidphase Microextraction and Its Determination of Four Benzene Hexachloride Pesticide Residues in Water Samples
  2011,30(7):734-738 [Abstract(3453)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (1152)]
Study on Labelfree Electrochemical DNA Biosensor for p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Detection
  2011,30(7):739-744 [Abstract(2162)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (1156)]
Comparative Study of Microwaveassisted Solvent Extraction and Other Extraction Methods of Polycyclic Musks in Soil
  2011,30(7):745-749 [Abstract(2908)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (1076)]
Interactions between Artemisinin or Dihydroartemisinin and CYP2B6 by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  2011,30(7):750-754 [Abstract(2236)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (971)]


Study on Determination of the Levels of DNA Damage Induced by Aconitum Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  2011,30(7):755-759 [Abstract(3045)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (926)]
Rapid Determination of Six Alkaloids in Tobacco by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  2011,30(7):760-763 [Abstract(2628)]  [View PDF 2.86 M (1061)]
Development of an Immunochromatography Assay with Fluorescent Latex Particles for the Rapid Detection of Ractopamine
  2011,30(7):764-768 [Abstract(3005)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (1138)]
Analysis of Surfactant Combinations by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry
  陈泳, 朱黎明,李正全,叶汝汉,韦文蔚,尹冲, 潘文龙
  2011,30(7):769-775 [Abstract(2611)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (979)]
Determination of 9 Organic Compound Residues in Toys by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  2011,30(7):776-779 [Abstract(2684)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1131)]
Study on Label-free Immunosensor Based on Gold Nanoparticles/Chitosan Incorporating Carbon Nanotubes Composite Membrane Modified Gold Electrode
  2011,30(7):780-783 [Abstract(2505)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (970)]
Determination of Trace Phenylurea Herbicides in Environmental Water by Liquid Phase Microextraction Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  2011,30(7):784-788 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF 1.54 M (1104)]
Application of ZnS∶Mn/ZnS Quantum Dots in Quantitative Analysis of DNA
  2011,30(7):789-794 [Abstract(2364)]  [View PDF 1.85 M (984)]
Preparation of an Ion Imprinted Fluorescent Sensor for Selectivity Determination of Cadmium in Aqueous Media
  2011,30(7):795-798 [Abstract(2422)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (862)]
Separation and Determination of Chlorphenamine Maleate by Large Volume Injection-Acetonitrile-Salt Mixtures on Line Stacking-MEKC Method
  2011,30(7):799-803 [Abstract(2172)]  [View PDF 1.63 M (869)]
Rapid Detection of Mercury(Ⅱ) Based on Hg2+-DNA Complexes Inducing the Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles
  2011,30(7):804-807 [Abstract(2670)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (928)]
Determination of Six Estrogens in Drinking Water by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  2011,30(7):808-712 [Abstract(3452)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (1066)]


Investigation on the Isolation and Purification of EGCG3″Me by High Speed Countercurrent Chromatography
  2011,30(7):813-816 [Abstract(2251)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (904)]
Determination of Hydroquinone in Sediment by Ultrasound-assisted Extraction Coupled with GC-MS Analysis
  2011,30(7):817-820 [Abstract(2474)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (864)]
Determination of Perchlorate in Milk Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  2011,30(7):821-824 [Abstract(2691)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (982)]


Development and Application of Modification of Organic Polymer Monolithic Columns
  2011,30(7):825-834 [Abstract(1965)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (884)]