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DNA Damage Investigation Using Electrochemiluminescence Sensors Based on Quantum Dots-Nano Gold Composite
  WU Jing, LU Li-ping*,KANG Tian-fang,CHENG Shui-yuan
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):367-372 [Abstract(2110)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (1028)]
Simultaneous Screening and Determination of Five Kinds of 26 Veterinary Drug Residues in Pork by Liquid Chromatography-Quadrupole-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
  XIE Han-bing,WANG Yi-gang,ZHOU Ming-ying*,ZHAO Hai-feng,JIANG Wan-feng,DENG Shu,DONG Shi-zhu
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):373-379 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF 2.46 M (1486)]
Preparation of Novel Water Soluble Multicolor Carbon Dots for Cell Imaging
  LI Xin-tong, WU Jing*, ZHANG De-meng, TAN Ming-qian*, MA Xiao-jun
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):380-386 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (1407)]
Investigation on Thermal Decomposition Behaviors of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Modified Thermoplastic Phenolic Resin by TG-DSC-MS Coupling Techniques at Different Atmospheres
  DAI Yan,TAN Wei-hong*,HU Li-hong,MA Yan,CAI Yan-yan
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):387-394 [Abstract(2207)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (1130)]
Relationship between Analytical Indicators of Sunflower Oil and the LF-NMR Relaxation Characteristics During Storage Process
  LU Hai-yan, WANG Xin*, ZHAO Ting-ting, LIU Bao-lin
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):395-402 [Abstract(2427)]  [View PDF 3.00 M (1042)]
Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Isoniazid and Ascorbic Acid Based on Graphene/Gold Nanocomposites Modified Electrode
  YANG Jun, LIU Zhi-min*, ZHAN Hai-jun, WANG Zhen-ling
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):403-408 [Abstract(2500)]  [View PDF 1.77 M (992)]
Relationship between Structures of Perfume Compositions and Amounts of Aromatic Compounds Pyrolysized by Perfumes
  HU Jing,LI Feng*,CHENG Xia,WANG Jun-xia,SHI Wen-zhuang
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):409-415 [Abstract(2150)]  [View PDF 1.88 M (1140)]


Determination of Tocopherols and α-Tocopheryl Acetate in Cosmetics by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
  LI Hui-yong,XI Shao-feng,TAN Jian-hua*,WANG Ji-cai,XIONG Xiao-ting,ZHAO Tian-tian,WU Chu-sen,GUO Chang-hong
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):416-421 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF 2.00 M (1189)]
Determination of Trichloroacetic Acid Metabolited by Trichlorethylene in Urine Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  LIU Li-hua,ZHANG Wei-ya,PAN Ya-hong,XU Ye*,HAN Yan-long
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):422-426 [Abstract(2176)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (1004)]
Determination of 1,2-Dichloroethane in Textiles by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  LIAN Qiu-yan,ZHU Feng*, LIN Ning-ting, YANG Yu-rong, WEI Min
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):427-431 [Abstract(2104)]  [View PDF 1.46 M (1043)]
Rapid Detection of Carbaryl in Coconut Juice by Diazotization-Coupling Reaction Combined with Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  CHEN Yang,ZHANG Kai-ge,HU Yu-ling*,LI Gong-ke*
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):432-436 [Abstract(2141)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (1096)]
Determination of Twenty Phthalic Acid Esters in Waterborne Wall Coatings by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  LIU Fu-jian,XIAN Yan-ping,GUO Xin-dong*,WENG Yi-bin, PENG Ying,CHEN Ji-wen,LU Yu-jing
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):437-441 [Abstract(2166)]  [View PDF 1.68 M (1137)]
Fragmentation Characterization of Dialkyl Dimethylpyrophosphonate under Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry
  ZHANG Lan-bo*,LIU Jing-quan,PEI Cheng-xin,YU Hui-lan,ZHOU Shi-kun
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):442-448 [Abstract(2373)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (982)]
Studies on Synthesis,Crystal Structure and Property of Diphenylthiourea Copper(Ⅰ) Complex
  DING Cheng-hua*,CAO Feng-pu,LIU Shan-shan,FENG Yu-quan,WANG Hong-wei,BAO Xiao-yu
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):449-454 [Abstract(3167)]  [View PDF 1.85 M (1005)]
Development of a Differential Contactless Conductivity Detector for Microfluidic Chip
  TONG Yan-li,MEI Qing-hua,LAN Shu-min,CHEN Zuan-guang*
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):455-459 [Abstract(2087)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (983)]
Fluorescence Quenching Reaction of Cefotaxime Sodium with Acriflavine and Their Analytical Applications
  FU Sheng-hui,LIU Zhong-fang,LIU Shao-pu*
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):460-464 [Abstract(2083)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (958)]
Detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil Sample by Thermal Desorption/Single Photon Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  LI A-dan*,SUN Yang,CUI Zong-yan
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):465-470 [Abstract(2230)]  [View PDF 2.00 M (1137)]


High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Separation of Zopiclone Enantiomers Using Chiral Mobile Phase Additive
  YE Xiang-xi, SONG Yan-xi*, CHEN Xu-tao, JI You-zhi, SUN Lu-lu, WU Xiao-qian, DU Chun-yan
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):471-474 [Abstract(2204)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (1120)]
Study on Effect of pH Value on Interaction between Alizarin Red S and Bovine Serum Albumin Based on Conformational Changes in Protein
  WU Hai*,PENG Li,DU Hao-lai,CHEN Hong,GENG Yan-yan,JIN Xiao-yan,HUANG De-qian
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):475-478 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1096)]
Determination of Thiacloprid in Soil and Peanut Samples by Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  LI Min-jie, JIN Fen*, YANG Li-li, SHAO Hua, JIN Mao-jun, WANG Jing
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):479-482 [Abstract(2399)]  [View PDF 1.39 M (1060)]


Application of Microfluidic Chip in the Research of Sperm Cell
  YANG Hui,YANG Fan*,CAO Ji-gang*,CHEN Zuan-guang
  Published 4月 25日, 2014
  2014,33(4):483-488 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (1359)]