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Rapid Screening and Quantitative Analysis of 322 Pesticide Residues in Pinellia by Gas Chromatography-Quadruple Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
  LI Chun-miao,HU Xue-yan,FAN Chun-lin,ZHANG Bo-lun,PENG Tao,CHANG Qiao-ying,PANG Guo-fang,WANG Wen-wen
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):431-448 [Abstract(2269)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (1114)]
Determination of Mycotoxins in Cereals by UPLC-Quadrupole/Orbitrap High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
  YE Jin,WU Yu,XIN Yuan-yuan,ZHOU Ming-hui,XIE Gang,WANG Song-xue
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):449-456 [Abstract(2257)]  [View PDF 753.69 K (1073)]
Analysis of Volatile Components in Bananas by Low Temperature Frozen Liquid-Liquid Extraction/GC-MS Combined with Retention Index
  LI Qi,LI Chun-yan,XU Chang,WEI Yuan-long,WANG Feng-yun
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):457-463 [Abstract(2318)]  [View PDF 685.62 K (1397)]
Study on Synthesis of Magnetic Polystyrene-Chloromethyl Styrene Material and Its Adsorption Properties for Anthracene
  HU Jing-rong,Lü Hao-yong,LIU Hui-ling,LIU Wang-wei,ZHANG Hui-juan
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):464-470 [Abstract(2286)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (1029)]
Simultaneous Determination of Multiple Macro-Trace Elements in Seawater by ICP-MS Combined with Mg(OH)2 Co-precipitation and Direct Dilution Pretreatment
  LIU Wei,SONG Jin-ming,YUAN Hua-mao,LI Xue-gang,LI Ning,DUAN Li-qin
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):471-477 [Abstract(2464)]  [View PDF 582.32 K (897)]
Detection of 6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid in Nicotinic Acid Conversion Fluid Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Capped Mn-doped ZnS Phosphorescent Quantum Dots
  ZHANG Wen-gang,LUO Xue-li,HAN Yong,LI Zhong-hong*
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):478-483 [Abstract(2127)]  [View PDF 2.88 M (961)]
Gradient Enrichment of Basic Nitrogen Compounds in Diesel Distillated from Bao Ming Shale Oil and Their Analysis by GC-MS Method
  JIN Yang,HAN Dong-yun,CAO Zu-bin,QIAO Hai-yan,PANG Hai-quan
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):484-489 [Abstract(2412)]  [View PDF 919.03 K (925)]


Identification and Detection of Semicarbazide in Flour and Flour Products by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Quadrupole/Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
  LI Juan,CAO Min,WANG Cui-ping,YAN Ge-bin
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):490-495 [Abstract(2223)]  [View PDF 768.25 K (984)]
Determination of Eight Fat Soluble Colorants in Feed by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Combined with Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction
  FU Yan,ZHU Yong,WU Yin-liang
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):496-501 [Abstract(2257)]  [View PDF 844.83 K (909)]
Rapid Detection of 36 Pesticide Residues in Peanut by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  LI Ling-yun,WU Hua,XU Xiao-min,LIN Huan,HUANG Xiao-dong,ZHENG Shu-ning,LIU Xin-yan,XU Dong-hui
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):502-506 [Abstract(2204)]  [View PDF 539.98 K (1072)]
Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Ester Base Oil During the Thermal Oxidation Process
  CHENG Bing-xue,JIA Dan,JIN Yong-liang,CHEN Song,WEI Lei,QIAN Xu-zheng,LI Jian
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):507-512 [Abstract(2271)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (939)]
Simultaneous Determination of Different Phytohormones Residues in Fruits and Vegetables by QuEChERS/DAD/HPLC
  ZHU Song,YUAN Xiao-qing,DAI Jun,CHEN Shang-wei
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):513-518 [Abstract(2248)]  [View PDF 810.04 K (882)]
Preparation of a Molecularly Imprinted Film Modified Electrochemical Sensor for L-threonine Determination
  YUAN Ai-guo,LI Bin,CHEN Jian-ping,XIAO Li-jie,JIN Guan-ping
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):519-523 [Abstract(2196)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (901)]
Preparation of an Electrochemical Sensor Based on L-cysteine/CdTe Quantum Dots Modified Electrode and Its Detection of Lead Ions
  XU Shi-chao,ZHANG Yi-yi,DONG Kai,WEN Jun-nan
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):524-528 [Abstract(2212)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (877)]
Application of On-line Detection Technology Based on MP-AES in Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Surface Water
  PAN Jia-chuan,GUO Peng-ran,CHENG Bin,XUN He,WANG Jia-yong,YAN Dong
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):529-533 [Abstract(2306)]  [View PDF 678.19 K (927)]
Quantitation of Squalene in Chinese Liquor Using Multistage Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  HU Guang-yuan,LIN Lin,WANG Di-qiang,WANG Li
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):534-538 [Abstract(2334)]  [View PDF 546.97 K (947)]
Determination of Amitraz,Chlordimeform and Their Metabolites in Blood by Solid Supported Liquid Extraction and Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  GAO Xue,LIU Wen-wen,WANG Xing-min
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):539-543 [Abstract(2268)]  [View PDF 684.18 K (935)]
Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite with Different Calcium Sources
  YAO Cheng-li,YAN Yan,HE Yan-jiao,LI Hong-ying
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):544-549 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF 7.25 M (1039)]
Simultaneous Determination of Dinitroaniline Herbicides in Complex Matrix by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  ZHANG Jian-ying,YUE Zhen-feng,CAI Yi-na,WU Wei-dong,CHEN Bo,WANG Hong-ju,ZHAO Qiong-hui
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):550-554 [Abstract(2059)]  [View PDF 442.73 K (894)]


Preparation of an Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Sodium Hydroxide Etching Glassy Carbon Electrode and Its Detection on E-coli
  XU Shi-chao,WEN Jun-nan,JIANG Nan,LI Jiao,WANG Cai-fu,DONG Kai,ZHANG Yi-yi
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):555-559 [Abstract(2175)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (923)]
Determination of 9 Nitrogen-containing Compounds in Marine Fuel Oil by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  PENG Ying,ZHANG Zi-hao,LIU Ying-feng,WANG Jing,TAN Zhi-yi,XU Xiao-xia,MAO Rong-mei,ZHENG Jian-guo
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):560-564 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF 542.22 K (900)]
Detection of Adenosine Based on Aptamer Biosensor with Alkaline Phosphatase Chemiluminescence Assay
  YAN Xi-luan,CHEN Xin ,XIAO Yi-bei,LIU Jie
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):565-569 [Abstract(2221)]  [View PDF 925.84 K (846)]


Advances in Development of Chiral Fluorescent Sensors
  LU Zhen-yu,ZHANG Run-kun,LI Gong-ke
  Published 4月 25日, 2017
  2017,36(4):570-578 [Abstract(2239)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (2515)]