Volume 37,Issue 12,2018 Table of Contents

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Determination of 18 Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Fresh Tea Leaves by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Carboxylated Multi walled Carbon Nanotubes as Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Sorbent
  LIU Teng fei,YANG Dai feng,ZHANG Xue ming,FAN Jun,LIANG Feng ling,QIAN Hui
  2018,37(12):1405-1411 [Abstract(1442)]  [View PDF 939.05 K (881)]
Preparation of Porcine Liver Esterase Hybrid “Nanoflowers” and Their Hydrolyzing Properties toward Pyrethroid Pesticides
  PENG Kai min,YE Tai,CAO Hui,YUAN Min,YU Jin song,XU Fei
  2018,37(12):1412-1417 [Abstract(1527)]  [View PDF 3.84 M (779)]
Analysis of Three Fluorescent Whitening Agents in Flour by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Covalent Organic Polymers Based Solid Phase Extraction
  DING Hui,JI Wen hua,HE Ji xiang
  2018,37(12):1418-1424 [Abstract(1367)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (985)]
Preparation of a Reversed phase/Hydrophilic Interaction/Cation Exchange Mixed mode Stationary Phase and Its Application in Drug Separation
  WANG Xiao huan
  2018,37(12):1425-1430 [Abstract(1394)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (873)]
Determination of 42 Persistent Organic Pollutants in Geographical Original Soil of Bamboo Shoot by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry with Solid Phase Extraction
  ZHANG Yan ping,CHEN Zhen chao,SUN Xiao wei,SHEN Dan yu,ZHONG Dong lian,MO Run hong,TANG Fu bin
  2018,37(12):1431-1438 [Abstract(1568)]  [View PDF 976.44 K (831)]
Application of GC-MS Fingerprint with Silanized Derivatization in Discrimination of Different Cigarette Brands
  LAI Yan hua,LU Yi liang,LI Huan wei,WANG Yu,LIN Bao min,LIN Yun,LIU Xi
  2018,37(12):1439-1444 [Abstract(1473)]  [View PDF 931.01 K (819)]
Determination of Four Alkaloids in Cynoglossum Amabile Stapf et Drumm by Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography with DOLPA/AOT-Isooctane Reverse Micelles Extraction
  FAN Qing ya,WANG Wan hao,DAI Chun mei
  2018,37(12):1445-1450 [Abstract(1514)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (745)]
Analysis of Sulfonamides in Environmental Water Samples by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Online Micro solid phase Extraction
  ZHOU Chan yuan,LUO Jun,WANG Yi,YAN Wei,NIE Sheng qiang
  2018,37(12):1451-1456 [Abstract(1352)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (813)]


A Novel Alignment Algorithm Based on Peak Shape Similarity in LC-MS Replicates
  CUI Jian,DONG Xiao rui,SHANG Kai,CHEN Qiang,QI Xin,CUI Hao
  2018,37(12):1457-1462 [Abstract(1379)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (753)]
Research on Quantitative Detection of Protein Using Smart Phone
  DAI Bin,PENG Lin,LUO Ji quan,LI Zong xiang,WANG Ling,JIAO Rong hua,YANG Sai nan
  2018,37(12):1463-1468 [Abstract(1417)]  [View PDF 1.82 M (835)]
Investigation of a Nano Cobalt Electrochemical Sensor Based on Coordination Mechanism
  WU Jiang yan,HE Ya ping,HAN Quan,YANG Xiao hui,HUO Yan yan
  2018,37(12):1469-1474 [Abstract(1631)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (935)]
Facile Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Dots Using Rough Extract of Unripe Persimmon and Their Application in Fe3+ Detection
  HAN Yong,WANG Hui,SONG Xi,LUO Xue li
  2018,37(12):1475-1479 [Abstract(1442)]  [View PDF 2.96 M (864)]
Rapid Determination of Hexavalent Chromium in Colorful Cigarette Paper and Tipping Paper by Continuous Flow Analytical Method
  XU Yong,YANG Guang yu,LIU Xin,LI Jing,WANG Jin,HUANG Hai tao
  2018,37(12):1480-1484 [Abstract(1544)]  [View PDF 588.84 K (788)]
Direct and Simultaneous Determination of Cystine,Tyrosine and Histidine in Hair of Rat by HPLC
  LI Li,WAN Zi yan,ZHOU Ying,ZHANG Chuang,CUI Hong yan,XIONG Xiao nan,ZHONG Jia qi,LI Zong hao,WU Zhen,YUAN Feng ming,QIN Ya ru,ZHANG Ming
  2018,37(12):1485-1489 [Abstract(1374)]  [View PDF 554.90 K (763)]
Determination of Nitrogen Compounds in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Diesel by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Solid Phase Extraction
  SHI De jun,CHEN Fei,LIANG Ying chun,XIU Yuan,YU Hao,HUO Ming chen,SUN Xin chan
  2018,37(12):1490-1494 [Abstract(1390)]  [View PDF 640.48 K (762)]


Determination on Content of Hydrochloride Palmatine in Tablets by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  XU Kai,WEI Yong ge,HAO Hai jun
  2018,37(12):1495-1499 [Abstract(1400)]  [View PDF 624.02 K (832)]
Determination of Imidacloprid in Rats Plasma by RP/HPLC and Its Pharmacokinetics in Rats Receiving Intragastric Administration
  GONG Xiao jian,SU Min,ZHAO Chao,ZHOU Xin
  2018,37(12):1500-1503 [Abstract(1301)]  [View PDF 476.69 K (741)]
Determination of 4-Aminobiphenyl by Zero Current Potentiometry
  MA Ming ming,LIANG Juan li,SU Xin ke,LIU Jia
  2018,37(12):1504-1507 [Abstract(1527)]  [View PDF 3.00 M (797)]


Research Progress on Electrochemistry induced and Corona Discharge induced Redox Reactions in Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  PEI Ji ying,HOU Zhuang hao
  2018,37(12):1508-1513 [Abstract(1467)]  [View PDF 835.30 K (775)]
Research Progress in Application of Signal Amplification Strategy of Hairpin Structured DNA Self-assembly
  YU Bei,CHEN Shi jian,XU Tian xiong,ZHAN Zhong xu,LAI Wei hua,XU Heng yi
  2018,37(12):1514-1520 [Abstract(1437)]  [View PDF 2.29 M (772)]