Volume 41,Issue 4,2022 Table of Contents

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In situ Autogenous Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Thermal Imaging of Cancer Using Hydrogen Peroxide Activated Nanoparticles
  WANG Shu-qi,AN Shang-jie,ZHEN Wen-yao,JIA Xiao-dan,WANG Yue,JIANG Xiu-e
  2022,41(4):593-600 [Abstract(733)]  [View PDF 18.32 M (545)]
Photothermal Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Programmable Self-assembly of Enzyme-embedded DNA Nanoflowers
  GAO Yu-fei,YAN Yong-cun,CAO Jing-yu,BI Sai
  2022,41(4):601-609 [Abstract(699)]  [View PDF 11.87 M (360)]
Effect of Different DNA Activator Structures on the?trans-Cleavage Activity of Cas12a
  FEI Xin-rui,LIU Xiao-ling,LIU Cheng-hui
  2022,41(4):610-617 [Abstract(852)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (360)]
Simple Synthesis of Ultra-small Size Focused Sulfur Quantum Dots for Fluorescence Sensing
  ZHENG Qiong-hua,SHENG Yi-lun,ZHANG Shan-biao,HUANG Zhong-nan,CHEN Wei,PENG Hua-ping
  2022,41(4):618-624 [Abstract(528)]  [View PDF 13.65 M (401)]
Quantification of Carcinoembryonic Antigen by Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
  HUANG Zi-li,HU Yue-li,LIU Jing,WU Yi,ZHAO Jin-yi,LIU Rui,Lü Yi
  2022,41(4):625-631 [Abstract(653)]  [View PDF 11.20 M (391)]
Detection of Biomarker Protein PDGF-BB in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Using a DNA Biosensor Based on Enzyme Cycle Amplification
  LIU Xiao-fan,QI Chen,WANG Wei-cai,LI Xue-mei
  2022,41(4):632-638 [Abstract(767)]  [View PDF 5.12 M (386)]
Detection of Broad Spectrum Bacteria Using a FITC-Lysozyme and Positively Charged AuNPs Constructed FRET Platform
  WANG Ling,ZHANG Ya-qing,TAO Xiao-qi,SONG Er-qun
  2022,41(4):639-645 [Abstract(512)]  [View PDF 6.16 M (446)]
A Visualized Closed-tube Detection Method for Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Based on Nucleic Acid Molecular Light Switch
  WANG Fang,DONG Jing,LI Yan-ni,XU Qin-feng
  2022,41(4):646-651 [Abstract(482)]  [View PDF 5.57 M (609)]
Fast Screening of 5 Polar Poisons in Blood Sample by Paper Capillary Spray Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  ZHANG Yun-feng,DONG Lin-pei,ZHAO Sen,SUN Long,CHANG Jing,REN Xin-xin,WANG Ai-hua
  2022,41(4):652-658 [Abstract(640)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (426)]


Recent Progress of Proteomics-driven Precision Medicine
  ZHANG Lei,WANG Xiao-yu,ZHANG Ying,LU Hao-jie
  2022,41(4):443-453 [Abstract(621)]  [View PDF 8.22 M (298)]
Research Progress of Hemicyanine Dye for Molecular Imaging
  WU Fang-zheng,ZHANG Le-le,HAI Zi-juan
  2022,41(4):454-466 [Abstract(553)]  [View PDF 10.08 M (350)]
Advances on?in Vitro?Detection and?in Vivo?Imaging of Alkaline Phosphatase
  YUAN Zhen-zhen,SUN Ya-wei,ZHANG Qian,ZHANG Chun-yang
  2022,41(4):467-475 [Abstract(630)]  [View PDF 18.00 M (353)]
Recent Progress in Nanoscale MOFs for Biological Imaging of Tumors and Tumor Markers
  LIAO Xue-wei,LIU Yang,WANG Chen
  2022,41(4):476-485 [Abstract(624)]  [View PDF 2.36 M (353)]
I-Motif-based Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications:pH Imaging,Drugs Controlled Release and Tumor Theranostics
  MA Wen-jie,HUANG Jin,CHENG Hong,JIA Rui-chen,CHEN Biao,SUN Huan-huan,WU Yu-chen,HE Xiao-xiao,WANG Ke-min
  2022,41(4):486-497 [Abstract(511)]  [View PDF 16.76 M (479)]
A Low-cost,Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System Converted from the Open-Source RepRap 3D Printer
  CHEN Yang-tian,WANG Zun-liang
  2022,41(4):498-508 [Abstract(461)]  [View PDF 14.77 M (248)]
Research Progress on Analytical Methods for Deciphering Adenosine-to-inosine RNA Editing
  CHEN Juan-juan,YUAN Bi-feng,FENG Yu-qi
  2022,41(4):509-519 [Abstract(509)]  [View PDF 2.29 M (431)]
CRISPR/Cas Based Biosensing Platforms for Molecular Diagnosis
  LI Tian,LI Na
  2022,41(4):520-528 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 6.55 M (324)]
Effects of Micro/Nano Patterned Surfaces on Cell Behaviors
  GU Yin-wei,LI Yan,LING Jing-jing,GU Ning
  2022,41(4):529-535 [Abstract(493)]  [View PDF 9.15 M (473)]
Application of Rapid Detection Techniques in Illicit Drug Analysis
  SHAN Ya-bing,LI Min,HUO Yu-meng,MA Jun,LIU Hu-wei
  2022,41(4):536-544 [Abstract(546)]  [View PDF 8.37 M (466)]
Strategy for Cascade Self-assembly/Disassembly of Small Molecules in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
  JIA De-ying,LI Shuang-shuang,ZHENG Zhen
  2022,41(4):545-552 [Abstract(574)]  [View PDF 24.79 M (317)]
Biomarkers and Early Diagnostics of Alzheimer's Disease
  LI Ying,QIAN Mei-qi,QIU Xue
  2022,41(4):553-561 [Abstract(480)]  [View PDF 584.79 K (839)]
Research Progress on Detection Technology of Foodborne?Vibrio vulnificus
  YAO Wen-yan,JIANG Hui
  2022,41(4):562-569 [Abstract(521)]  [View PDF 11.87 M (437)]
Progress on In-situ DNA Self-assemblies for Cellular Fluorescence Imaging Analysis
  WANG Si-cheng,HAN Ting,WANG Guang-feng
  2022,41(4):570-577 [Abstract(561)]  [View PDF 24.84 M (371)]
Research Progress on Non-invasive Blood Glucose Detection Techniques
  YANG Yu-xiang,WU Bin,LIN Hai-jun,LI Jian-min,ZHANG Fu,ZHANG Cai-li,PENG Min
  2022,41(4):578-586 [Abstract(489)]  [View PDF 725.43 K (736)]
Progress on Application of Endogenous Stimuli Responsive Strategies in Tumor Precision Theranostics
  ZHAO Xu,WANG Meng-chao,ZHANG Kang-kang,YAN Xiu-ping
  2022,41(4):587-592 [Abstract(572)]  [View PDF 8.42 M (432)]