Determination of Six Estrogens in Drinking Water by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
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KeyWord:drinking water  estrogen  liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry(LC-MS)
贾彦博,王红青,韩里明 杭州市质量技术监督检测院国家水产品及加工食品质量监督检验中心
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      A liquid chromatography-mass spectrometric(LC-MS) method was established for the determination of six estrogens in drinking water.The sample was extracted with acetonitrile,enriched by Oasis HLB solid phase extraction column,and then analyzed by LC-MS.Under the optimal conditions,good linearities were obtained in the range of 5-100 μg/L for six estrogens with correlation coefficients of 0.994-1.000.The detection limits for 6 estrogens were all 0.1 μg/L.The recoveries at three spiked levels of 0.10,25,50 μg/L were between 85% and 95% with relative standard deviations less than 10%.With the advantages of high sensitivity and simple sample preparation without matrix interference,the method was suitable for the analysis of the estrogens in drink water.