Differential Pulse Stripping Voltammetry Determination of Cadmium in Water Using Graphene Sheets-Au Composite Nano-particles Modified Screen-printed Carbon Electrodes
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KeyWord:graphene sheets  gold nano-particles  screen-printed carbon electrode  differential pulse stripping voltammetry  cadmium
杨欣,徐玲玲,周秋兰,林世新,李龙飞 1.怀化学院化学与化学工程系;2.怀化学院民族药用植物资源研究与利用湖南省重点实验室;3.武汉市化学工业研究所有限责任公司
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      An electrochemical sensor based on graphene sheets(GS) and gold nano-particles(Au) composite nano-particles modified screen-printed carbon electrodes(SPCEs) was fabricated(SPCEs│GS/Au),and an electrochemical method was developed for the determination of trace cadmium(Cd) in water by differential pulse stripping voltammetric(DPSV)method.Au preparation and the construction processes of SPCEs│GS/Au electrode were characterized by scanning electron micrography(SEM),and the electrochemical properties of Cd2+ were investigated.Under the optimum conditions,a good linear relationship was obtained between peak current and Cd2+ concentration in the range of 2.5×10-7-2.5×10-5 g/L(r2=0.998 0) with a detection limit(3σ) of 1.8×10-7 g/L.The method was applied in the determination of Cd2+ concentration in real water samples with recoveries of 96%-107%.The analytical results were consistent with those of the graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric(GF-AAS) method.The SPCEs│GS/Au electrode showed a high response current and an enrichment ability due to the modification of composite nano-particles.Therefore,the electrode was suitable for the determination of Cd2+ in water with advantages of disposable design,little sample consumption and simple operation.