Progresses on On-line Coupling Method of Sample Pretreatment with Chromatography Analysis
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KeyWord:sample preparation  chromatography  on-line analysis  progress
钟启升,胡玉斐,李攻科 中山大学化学与化学工程学院
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      Chromatography is widely-used analysis technique today.However,in the traditional off-line chromatographic analysis procedures,the sampling,sample pretreatment and chromatographic analysis are conducted independently.These off line procedures are solvent-wasted,time and labor consumed,easy to produce error and lead to low recovery.On-line coupling method could tackle the above problems,and has become the front project in the field of analytical chemistry.The design consideration of the on-line coupling techniques in the chromatographic analysis was discussed in this review.Furthermore,the related techniques and the latest progresses in this field were summarized.