Simultaneous Determination of Dopamine,Uric Acid and Nitrite Using Poly(2-oxygen amino methyl-2-(2-amino thiazole)-4-acetic acid) Modified Electrode
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KeyWord:dopamine  uric acid  nitrite  2-oxygen amino methyl-2-(2-amino thiazole)-4-acetic acid
YAO Hong,YANG Yi-hui,YANG Dai,ZHANG Lei* 上海师范大学生命与环境科学学院化学系
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      A poly(2-oxygen amino methyl-2-(2-amino thiazole)-4-acetic acid(PAMTA)modified glassy carbon electrode(PAMTA/GCE) was fabricated by CV method.In 0.1 mol/L pH 7.0 PBS buffer,PAMTA/GCE not only improved the oxidations of DA,UA and NO-2,but also resolved the weak and overlapped voltammetric responses of DA,UA and NO-2 into three sensitive oxidation peaks.Thus,the modified electrode can be used for the simultaneous determination of these species.Under the optimum conditions,the linear concentration dependences of DPV current responses were observed for DA,UA and NO-2 in the concentration ranges of 0.3-75 μmol/L,1-480 μmol/L and 20-1 680 μmol/L,with correlation coefficients of 0.989 9,0.957 1 and 0.992 7,respectively.The detection-limits(3δ) were 0.05,0.10,0.30 μmol/L for DA,UA and NO-2,respectively.The modified electrode was used for simultaneous determination of DA,UA and NO-2 in human urine and serum samples with satisfactory results.