Preparation of Mesoporous Carbon/Gold Nanoparticles Composite Modified Electrode and Its Application
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KeyWord:mesoporous carbon  gold nanoparticles  hydroquinone  modified electrode
QU Ying-juan,LI Jiang-tao,HAN Min,YANG Xiao-hui,SU Min-gang 西安文理学院化学与化学工程学院
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      In this paper,the conditions for preparation of the mesoporous carbon/gold nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode were investigated.It was found that the modified electrode had effective catalytic activity to hydroquinone(HQ).Compared to those of HQ on the mesoporous carbon modified glassy carbon electrode in electrochemical response,the oxidation peak current and reductive peak current of HQ were greatly increased on the chemically modified electrode,and the oxidation peak potential of HQ decreased.The modified electrode showed a good catalytic effect to HQ.In the optimum conditions,the electrochemical behavior of HQ on the modified electrode was studied.The results showed that concentration of HQ in the ranges of 3.0×10-8-1.0×10-6 mol/L and 1.0×10-6-1.0×10-4 mol/L had good linear relationships between electrochemical response signals and HQ concentrations,with a detection limit(S/N=3) of 1.0×10-8 mol/L.This method was applied in the determination of HQ in real sample with high accuracy and reproducibility.