Determination of B-Vitamins in Xinjiang Currants Treated with SO2 by RP-HPLC
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KeyWord:high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)  SO2  B-vitamins  currants
LIN Jiang-li,WANG Jin-xia,ZHANG Xue-xia,WANG Ji-de* 新疆大学化学化工学院
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      A RP-HPLC method was developed for the determination of four B-vitamins(VB1,VB2,VB3,VB6) in currant after treated with SO2.The effects of mobile phase,pH value and gradient elution procedure on chromatographic separation were studied.The mobile phase was a mixture of pH 4.4 buffer solution and acetonitrile.Under the optimal conditions,the detection limits of four B-vitamins in currants were in the range of 0.013-0.064 mg/L.The linear ranges were between 0.1 mg/L and 20 mg/L with correlation coefficients(r2) larger than 0.999.The average recoveries for the method were in the range of 83.0%-101.4%while RSDs were in the range of 0.6%-4.8%.At the same time,the contents of these vitamins before and after treated with SO2 were investigated.The results showed that the content of VB6 in currant was the highest and that of VB1 was lower.But the change of VB1 content in currant treated with SO2 was the largest,and the contents of other three species of B-vitamins changed very little.The method showed the advantages of simplicity,rapidness,accuracy and reproducibility,and was suitable for the determination of B-vitamins in currants.