A Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis System Based on Biochip
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KeyWord:electrophoresis biochip  DNA  electrophoresis system
YOU Qing-xiang,TAO Chun-xian,ZHANG Da-wei,ZHUANG Song-lin,LI Zhen-qing,YAMAGUCHI Yoshinori 1.上海理工大学光电信息与计算机工程学院,上海市现代光学系统重点实验室;2.常州工学院计算机信息工程学院;3.华东理工大学物理系;4.大阪大学应用物理系
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      As traditional slab gel electrophoresis has some disadvantages such as tedious operation steps,long experimental time and possible damage to human health from ultraviolet light,a rapid gel electrophoresis system was developed based on electrophoresis biochip,which could realize the separation and imaging of DNA by adding the DNA sample into the biochip.Taking the 20,50 and 100 bp DNA ladder as target compounds,the DNA fragments were separated in the gel electrophoresis system,and the optimal electrophoretic parameters were as follows:the electric field strength:100 V/cm,the agarose mass concentration:1%.Results showed that all the DNA samples could be efficiently resolved in 14 min with the correlation coefficient between migration distance and the DNA size higher than 0.91.Besides,the instrument could run with a good stability.