Determination on Content of Hydrochloride Palmatine in Tablets by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
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KeyWord:Huangtengsu tablet  hydrochloride palmatine  NMR  quantitative analysis  identify
XU Kai,WEI Yong ge,HAO Hai jun 1.黄河科技学院医学院;2.上海雷允上药业有限公司技术中心;3.郑州铁路职业技术学院医学技术与工程学院
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      A method of proton nuclear magnetic resonance was developed for the determination of hydrochloride palmatinein in tablets.CD3OD was employed as solvent and maleic acid as an internal standard,the 1H NMR spectra were obtained with a Bruker AVANCE Ⅲ 400 spectrometer.The content of hydrochloride palmatinein in tablets was determined by comparing the response signal areas of the internal standard(maleic acid,Ar) and hydrochloride palmatine(As).Results showed that there was a linear relationship for hydrochloride palmatine in the range of 1.00-10.00 g/L with its correlation coefficient of 0.999 3.The limit of quantitation(LOQ) was 25.0 mg/L and the limit of detection(LOD) was 8.5 mg/L.The recoveries were in the range of 98.5%-104%.The content of hydrochloride bamatine in tablets was determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and proton nuclear magnetic resonance(qNMR),respectively.Results indicated that the two methods had no difference.The qNMR method was easy and simple to handle,and the analysis results was accurate.Furthermore,the structure of the analyte could be identified at the same time.Therefore,qNMR could be used for the quality control of Huangtengsu tablet.