Preparation and Application of an Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Based on Multi walled Carbon Nanotube/Nano Ag
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KeyWord:MWNT  nano-Ag  pyrolytic graphite electrode  electrogenerated chemiluminescence  benzhexol hydrochloride
LUO Ying,LI Yan qing,LU Shi chang,CHENG Hao,KONG Hong xing,LI Li jun 1.广西科技大学鹿山学院;2.广西科技大学生物与化学工程学院,广西糖资源绿色加工重点实验室,广西高校糖资源加工重点实验室
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      An electrochemiluminescence sensor was fabricated for the determination of benzhexol hydrochloride based on a pyrolytic graphite electrode modified with multi walled carbon nanotube(MWNT)/nano Ag/Silica sol/professional video assistant(PVA)/Ru(bpy)2+3.In light of the perfect conductivity of MWNT and the electrocatalysis of nano-Ag,silicon sol and polyvinyl alcohol were used as film forming agents to fix MWNT,nano-Ag and Ru(bpy)2+3 on the pyrolytic graphite electrode(PGE) by sol gel method,and benzhexol hydrochloride was detected on the MWNT/nano-Ag/Silica sol/PVA/Ru(bpy)2+3-PGE by electrogenerated chemiluminescence(ECL) according to the sensitization of benzhexol hydrochloride to Ru(bpy)2+3.Results indicated that there was a good linear relationship for the ECL intensity of benzhexol hydrochloride in the range of 4.36×10-7-1.09×10-4 mol·L-1 with a correlation coefficient(r2) of 0.997 3 and a linear equation of IECL=146.98×105 c+502.03The limits of detection were 2.06×10-8 mol/L(S/N=3).The recoveries for benzhexol hydrochloride at five spiked levels were in the range of 97.7%-104% with the RSDs of 2.4%.The method was applied in the detection of benzhexol hydrochloride drugs with good sensitivity and stability.