Simultaneous Determination of K,Ca,Na and Mg in Salt Mine by Liquid Cathode Glow Discharge-Atomic Emission Spectrometry
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KeyWord:liquid cathode glow discharge(LCGD)  atomic emission spectrometry(AES)  salt mine  metal elements  high sensitive detection
俞洁,张志超,陆泉芳,朱淑雯,张晓敏,王星,杨武 1.甘肃省生物电化学与环境分析重点实验室西北师范大学化学化工学院;2.西北师范大学学报编辑部
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      In this study,a liquid cathode glow discharge-atomic emission spectrometry(LCGD-AES)was developed for the simultaneous determination of K,Ca,Na and Mg in salt mine of Geermu,in which needle like Pt was served as anode and overflowing electrolyte from a quartz capillary acted as the liquid cathode.The effects of discharge voltage,solution flow rate,supporting electrolyte,solution pH and interfering matrix components on the emission intensity were investigated in detail.The results were compared with those by ion chromatography(IC).The optimum conditions were as follows:discharge voltage:650 V,flow rate:3 mL·min-1 and supporting electrolyte:pH 1.0 HNO3.The detection limits(LODs)for K,Ca,Na and Mg were 0.100 0,0.048 0,0.002 4 and 0.003 9 mg·L-1,respectively.The relative standard deviations(RSDs)were 0.57%,1.8%,0.94% and 1.8%,respectively.The results obtained by LCGD-AES were consistent with those by IC,and the recoveries for the analytes were in the range of 95.4%-108%.