Determination of Histamine in Fish Samples Based on Colloidal Gold Modified Electrode
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KeyWord:histamine  colloidal gold  current-time curve method  fish samples
周婵媛,赵晓娟,王春利,曾晓房,白卫东 1.仲恺农业工程学院轻工食品学院;2.中华人民共和国江门海关
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      A simple and sensitive method was established for the detection of histamine by using the current-time curve based on a colloidal gold modified glass carbon electrode(AuCS/GCE).The electrochemical properties of the modified electrode were investigated.The pH value of the base solution,and the electrochemical detection methods and conditions for histamine were optimized.Results showed that there was a good linear relationship for the response current(-I,μA) of histamine on the AuCS/GCE in the concentration(c,μmol/L) range of 0.1-64 μmol/L,with the detection limit of 0.033 μmol/L.The recoveries for histamine in the hairtail and yellow croaker samples were in the ranges of 94.4%-106% and 91.8%-106%,respectively.The method was simple,rapid and low cost,and was suitable for the determination of histamine in food samples such as hairtail and yellow croaker.