Fabrication of a Metal-Organic Frameworks ZIF-8@Fe3O4 Composite and Its Magnetic Solid Phase Extraction of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Water
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KeyWord:metal-organic frameworks  composite  magnetic solid phase extraction  endocrine disrupting chemical
YANG Cheng-xiong,YAN Xiu-ping 1.Research Center for Analytical Science,College of Chemistry,Nankai University;2.Institute of Analytical Food Safety,School of Food Science and Technology,Jiangnan University
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      A metal-organic framework ZIF-8@Fe3O4 composite was synthesized for the extraction of endocrine disrupting chemicals(EDCs) in water samples by magnetic solid phase extraction(MSPE).Effects of ZIF-8 growth cycles,extraction time,ionic strength,pH,desorption solvent and desorption time on MSPE were investigated.The developed MSPE combined with high performance liquid chromatography was successfully applied in the detection of 4 endocrine disrupting chemicals(EDCs),i.e.bisphenol A,nonyl phenol,octyl phenol and estrone in water samples.Under the optimized conditions,there existed linear relationships for the 4 analytes in the range of 1.0-1 000 μg/L,with the detection limits(S/N=3) of 0.42-0.81 μg/L and the enhancement factors of 61-144.The relative standard deviations(RSDs) for inter-day(n=6) and intra day(n=3) were 2.1%-4.3% and 3.5%-5.8%,respectively.