Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Cytosensors and Their Analytical Application
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KeyWord:electrogenerated chemiluminescence  electrochemiluminescence probe  cytosensor  tumor marker  cell analysis
ZHOU Fan,YAO Zheng,CHEN Cheng-chi,LI Jin-hua,YANG Pei-hui 1.College of Chemistry and Materials Science,Jinan University;2.The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University
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      Electrogenerated chemiluminescence cytosensors,with the advantages of high sensitivity,strong reaction controllability,low background interference,real time analysis and nondestructiveness to the targets,have become a research hotspot in fields of biological analysis and clinical diagnosis in recent years.In this review,the discussion is focused on their applications in quantitative detection of cancer cells and tumor markers,single cell and cell function analysis through the construction of electrogenerated chemiluminescence cytosensors and the design of nanoluminescent probes.Simultaneously,the research trend for electrogenerated chemiluminescence technology in cell sensing is prospected.