Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Peaches and Their Dietary Exposure Risk Assessments
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KeyWord:peach  pesticide residue  risk assessment  maximum residue limit
LI Hai-fei,NIE Ji-yun,XU Guo-feng,LI Jing,SHEN You-ming,KUANG Li-xue,YAN Zhen Institute of Pomology of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Quality Inspection and Test Center for Fruit and Nursery Stocks,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural AffairsXingcheng
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      In order to systemically make sure and quantify the diefary intake of pesticide residues in peaches,98 peach samples from 19 main producing areas in China were detected.Chronic or acute dietary intake risk of pesticide residues in these samples were assessed by ADI and ARfD,respectively,and the Matrix Ranking developed by the Veterinary Residues Committee of the United Kingdom was referred to rank the risk of pesticides and peach samples.Results showed that 38 pesticides in 98 peach samples were detected with a detection rate of 95.9% and pesticides contents of 0.007 4-3.399 3 mg/kg.Only 4 peach samples contained residues above the MRLs.For 38 pesticides with detectable residues,their %ADI and %ARfD averages were 0.89% and 11.9%,respectively,far below 100%,indicating that there existed very little risk for these pesticide residues in peaches to human health.The pesticides in peach samples ranked by risk index showed that fipronil,endosulfan,methomyl,carbosulfan,chlorpyrifos and bifenthrin had high pesticide residue risk which should be focused on in the production and the quality and safety supervision.This study provides a scientific basis for peach consumption,peach pesticide residue supervision and establishment of maximum residue limits(MRLs) for pesticides in peach.