Application of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanomaterials(g-C3N4) in Analytical Chemistry
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KeyWord:graphitic carbon nitride  nanomaterials  analytical chemistry  review
LIU Qin,CAO Yu-juan,ZHU De-bin,GUO Man-li,YU Ying Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Biomedicine,School of Chemistry and Environment,South China Normal University
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      Graphitic carbon nitride(g-C3N4) is a nitrogen rich carbon material with planar graphene like structure,which has received increasingly research interests in recent years.g-C3N4 nano materials have a broad prospect in optical and electrochemical sensors and bio-imaging in analytical chemistry due to their remarkable physicochemical properties,such as electronic band structure,optical and electronic properties,high thermal and chemical stability.An overview on the applications of g-C3N4 nano-materials in fields of optical analysis and electro analysis, presented in this review.And their further development prospect is also discussed.