Rapid Evaluation of Anti inflammatory Efficacy of Angelica sinensis(Oliv.) Diels by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Quality Markers
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KeyWord:Angelica sinensis(Oliv.) Diels  quality markers  NF-κB  near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS)  quality evaluation
YAN Meng-lin,CONG Long-fei,ZHANG Zi-yue,JIANG Min,NIE Lei,BAI Gang 1.State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology,College of Pharmacy,Nankai University;2.College of Pharmacy,Shandong University
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      By screening the quality markers(Q-markers) of NF-κB inhibitory active ingredients,a method of near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS) was established for the rapid evaluation of anti inflammatory effect of Angelica sinensis(AS).The NF-κB inhibitory active ingredients in AS were screened by UPLC/Q-TOF combined with NF-κB double luciferase reporter gene assay system.To establish the Q-markers,the inhibitory effects were further evaluated using active ingredients,AS extract and equivalence verification.The Q-markers in multi batches of AS were quantitatively analyzed by UPLC and NIRS,and then the NIRS fitting algorithm was established.Meanwhile,the relationship between NF-κB inhibitory holistic activity of AS extract and the content of Q-markers was investigated.Finally,the prediction model for anti-inflammatory efficacy of AS was constructed based on Q-markers check analysis via NIRS technique.The screening results showed that chlorogenic acid(X1),senkyunolide I(X3) and Z-ligustilide(X4) in AS had significant NF-κB inhibitory effects,and the change of content was consistent with the capacity of NF-κB inhibitory action of AS extracts,which satisfied the following functions:Y=16.13-14.84X1+7.981X3+0.112 6X4.In addition,the measured values from NIRS simulation method for the Q-markers detection showed a good correlation with the predicted values.The developed method realized the rapid evaluation on the anti-inflammatory effects of AS based on Q-markers,and provided a new research paradigm and solution for the rapid quality evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine.