Spectral Transfer of Near infrared Spectrometric Model for Fish Meal
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KeyWord:near infrared spectroscopy  fish meal  predictive model  spectral transfer  model transfer
ZHENG Yi-hang,SONG Tao,ZHANG Shun,GUO Li-jun,ZHANG Feng-ping 1.Sichuan Willtest Technology Co. Ltd.;2.Key Laboratory of Aquatic,Livestock,Poultry Nutrition and Healthy Culturing,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Tongwei Co.Ltd.;3.Key Laboratory of Aquatic Healthy Aquaculture of Sichuan Province,Tongwei Co.,Ltd.
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      In order to investigate the feasibility of spectral transfer between near infrared spectrometric(NIRS) models of grating type and Fourier transform near infrared analyzer,the spectral transfer of original spectrum was performed by piecewise direct standardization(PDS) method,with domestic fish meal as the NIRS sample,DS2500F as the source instrument and MPA as the target one.The NIRS quantitative analysis prediction models for moisture,crude protein,crude fat,methionine and lysine were established,whose spectrum difference,applicability and accuracy were verified by correlation coefficient of cross validation(R2cv),root mean square error of cross validation(RMSECV),Mahalanobis distance(MD),bias,root mean square error of prediction(RMSEP) and relative prediction deviation(RPD),respectively.According to the verification and evaluation results,the various parameters of the prediction models established for moisture,crude protein,crude fat,methionine and lysine were not significantly different from the NIR spectrum of DS2500F instrument transferring to the target spectrum of MPA instrument.It showed that the NIR spectrum of domestic fish meal on the DS2500F instrument could be used to replace the original MPA spectrum by transmission,and model transfer was thus realized indirectly,which improved the application efficiency of NIR prediction model with good shareability and applicability.