Recent Progress on Detection of Drug in Fingerprint Residues
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KeyWord:fingerprint residues  instrumental analysis  drug detection  progress
SONG Xi-lin,ZHAO Ya-bin,WANG Li-xue,WU Yin,TIAN Run-zhi 1. Academy of Investigation,People’s Public Security University of China,Beijing ,China; 2. Anhui Public Security Education Research Institute,Hefei ,China; 3. Public Security Behavioral Science Research and Technological Innovation, People’s Public Security University of China,Beijing ,China
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      Fingerprints,as one of the most common physical evidences at the case scenes,contain not only the morphological characteristics that could be used for personal identification,but also the rich chemical information reflecting the personal characteristics of the person left behind.It is difficult to prove forensically that the poisoner has committed the crime when drug addicts or poisoners in drug-related cases need to be confirmed by using biological samples such as blood and urine,while detection on drug substances in fingerprints could provide the information on the drug used and the exposure of those left behind in fingerprints,link them to specific cases,reflect personal lifestyle information,and further provide new ideas for the discovery of drug-involved persons.The development lineage as well as the current status and hot spots of research in this field are summarized by bibliometric methods in this paper,also,the various technical methods and features for the established drug analysis in fingerprint substances are mainly summarized,and the future research directions and difficult points are reviewd,in order to provide a reference for detection on drug in fingerprint residues in actual cases.