Progresses of Gas Phase Enrichment Atomic Spectrometry in Elemental Analysis
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KeyWord:gas phase enrichment  atomic spectrometry  elemental analysis  sample introduction  trapping/releasing
刘腾鹏,刘美彤,刘霁欣,毛雪飞,钱永忠 中国农业科学院农业质量标准与检测技术研究所,农业农村部农产品质量安全重点实验室
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      As a pre-concentration method with the advantages of simplicity,high efficiency and low consumption,gas phase enrichment techniques(GPE) have become the key factors for various atomic spectrometers to enhance analytical sensitivity and eliminate matrix interference for the purpose of instrumental miniaturization and on-site analysis.Samples have to be converted into gaseous analytes for the sample introduction of GPE by means of hydride generation,ultraviolet vapor generation and electrothermal vaporization,then the elements for measurement are trapped or released with materials like quartz,carbon and metal,etc.,of which the trapping or releasing approaches are also the crucial factors for GPE,such as cold trapping,alloy trapping,thermal trapping and dielectric barrier discharge,etc.Hereon,the development progresses of GPE in atomic spectrometry are discussed,including the sample introduction,trapping materials and trapping or releasing approaches.Furthermore,the prospectives for research and application of GPE techniques are proposed as well.