Rapid Determination of Memantine Hydrochloride in Memantine Hydrochloride Tablets by Contactless Conductivity Method with Microfluidic Chip
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KeyWord:microfluidic chip  contactless conductivity detection  memantine hydrochloride  memantine hydrochloride tablet
LI Zhi-lei,LI Jing-lan,CHEN Zuan-guang,WANG Yu-hang,HU Shan-shan,YANG Xiu-juan,WANG Yong 1.Department of Pharmacy,ZhuJiang Hospital of Southern Medical University;2.Department of Pharmacy,Shenzhen Second People's Hospital;3.School of Pharmacy,Sun Yat-sen University
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      A contactless conductivity method with microfluidic chip was established for the rapid determination of memantine hydrochloride in memantine hydrochloride tablet.Effects of electrophoresis parameters such as variety,concentration,pH value of buffer solution,injection time and separation voltage on the separation detection were investigated.The optimized buffer system was 3.0 mmol/L triethylamine-2.0 mmol/L phosphate buffer solution(pH 3.3) containing 2%(by volume) dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO),the injection time was 10 s and the separation voltage was 2.0 kV.In the optimal conditions,the linear range for memantine hydrochloride was 10-2 000 μg/mL(r2=0.999 1).The limits of detection and quantitation were 7 μg/mL and 10 μg/mL,respectively.Relative standard deviations for precision,stability and reproducibility tests were lower than 2.0%,and average recoveries for memantine hydrochloride were in the range of 96.5%-99.2%,with a detection time less than 18 s.The method is rapid and simple,and is suitable for the determination of memantine hydrochloride in memantine hydrochloride tablet.