Volume 40,Issue 10,2021 Table of Contents

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Detection of 17β-Estradiol in Water by Timeresolved Fluorescence Lateral Flow Assay
  WANG Ling-ling,WANG Wen-long,YANG Cheng, XU Zheng-hua,ZHANG Yi,SHI Xue-li
  2021,40(10):1409-1416 [Abstract(941)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (523)]
Simultaneous Determination of 26 Quinolones in Honey by UPLC-MS/MS with On-line Solid-phase Extraction and Isotope Dilution
  ZHANG Ju-zhou,LI Jing
  2021,40(10):1417-1424 [Abstract(934)]  [View PDF 954.14 K (639)]
Detection of a Pyrethroid Metabolite 3-Phenoxybenzoic Acid Based on a Biotinylated 3-Phenoxybenzoic Acid Nanobody Immunoassay
  ZHANG Yi-feng,GUO Cheng-qian,LIU Bin,SHEN Yu-dong,WANG Hong,CHEN Zi-jian,LUO Lin,XU Zhen-lin
  2021,40(10):1425-1431 [Abstract(885)]  [View PDF 963.45 K (466)]
Grade Identification of Olive Oil Based on Fatty Acids Analysis Combined with Chemometrics
  ZENG Jing,YI Xiong-hai,QU Li,GUO De-hua,BAO Ming,ZHANG Yi,CHEN Jue-ying
  2021,40(10):1432-1438 [Abstract(923)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (782)]
Determination of Organophosphate Esters in Medical Masks by Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  HOU Min-min,SHI Ya-li, CAI Ya-qi
  2021,40(10):1439-1445 [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF 793.11 K (552)]
Detection of Bisphenol A Using an Electrochemical Sensor Based on Polydopamine Coated Zr-MOF
  HUANG Shi-si ,ZENG Yan-bo,YANG Yi-wen 2 LI Lei
  2021,40(10):1446-1452 [Abstract(915)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (537)]
Determination and Statistical Analysis of Ketamine and Its Metabolites in Human Hair by Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry
  HOU Wei, ZHANG Lei-ping,WANG Ji-fen,WEI Chun-ming,LU Liang,ZHONG Li-jing,LIU Hao-tian
  2021,40(10):1453-1459 [Abstract(777)]  [View PDF 650.16 K (690)]
Development and Evaluation of a Light-emitting Diode Induced Fluorescence Detector Based on Light Source Switching
  WANG Feng-lin,ZHOU Xin-ying,WANG Wen-jing,YANG San-dong, TANG Tao,LI Tong
  2021,40(10):1460-1466 [Abstract(783)]  [View PDF 894.14 K (400)]
Determination of Triazine and Phenylurea Herbicides in Soy Milk by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvent Based Liquid-Liquid Microextraction
  ZHU Qing,LONG Bing-hua,CHEN Xing-hang,YAN Xu,ZHU Hong-nian,FENG Ji,XU Wei-li,WANG Zhi-bing
  2021,40(10):1467-1473 [Abstract(800)]  [View PDF 936.70 K (769)]
Preparation of an Anti-imidacloprid Monoclonal Antibody and Its Indirect Competitive Chemiluminescence Enzyme-linked Immunoassay
  XIE Bo,LIU Xin-mei,LU Di-sha,CHENG Yong-jian,LUO Lin,XIAO Zhi-li
  2021,40(10):1474-1481 [Abstract(765)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (1034)]
Selection of Near Infrared Spectral Wavelength Variables Based on Improved Immune Genetic Algorithm
  TAO Huan-ming,GAO Mei-feng
  2021,40(10):1482-1488 [Abstract(891)]  [View PDF 814.13 K (450)]
Identification of Black Signing-pen Ink Based on Hyperspectral Imaging Technique
  WANG Shu-yue,YANG Yu-zhu,HE Wei-wen,LI Run-kang
  2021,40(10):1489-1496 [Abstract(821)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (376)]


Determination of Nine Kinds of Sulfonamides Residues in Gizzard Pepsin by Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  XU Xiao-hui,WANG Xiao-qiao,DONG Wei,WU Fu-xiang,DU Rui-hu,ZHU Ren-yuan,SHI Xiao-feng
  2021,40(10):1497-1502 [Abstract(841)]  [View PDF 986.59 K (466)]
Determination of Sildenafil in Health-care Foods by Ultrasensitive Chemiluminescence Enzyme Immunoassay
  CHENG Zhi,ZHANG Yong-yi,YANG Jin-yi,XU Zhen-lin,WANG Hong,LEI Hong-tao,SUN Yuan-ming,SHEN Yu-dong
  2021,40(10):1503-1508 [Abstract(815)]  [View PDF 669.52 K (478)]
Determination of Seven Quinolones Antibiotics in Fishery Water Using Salting-out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  YANG Xiao,LIU Ling-li,LI Xiao-ling,XIAO Wei,CHEN Xiang-yi,XIE Zhong-gui
  2021,40(10):1509-1514 [Abstract(815)]  [View PDF 772.18 K (669)]
Detection of Rutin Using an Enzyme-free and Label-free Fluorescent Probe Based on Gold Nanoclusters-Bovine Serum Albumin
  ZHOU Qiu-min,LAI Yan-qiong,LI Qiu-yang,ZHANG Yan-li,WANG Hong-bin,YANG Wen-rong,PANG Peng-fei
  2021,40(10):1515-1519 [Abstract(859)]  [View PDF 857.68 K (643)]
Synthesis of a Fluorescence Probe Based on 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivative and Its Application in Mg2+ Ion Detection
  FU Zhen-hai,WANG Min,LI Zhi-wei,QIN Jing-can,SU Tong,ZHANG Zhi-hong
  2021,40(10):1520-1525 [Abstract(847)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (538)]
Determination of Total Haloxyfop in Plant-derived Foods by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  WANG Xing-ning,WANG Tao,LI Jie,LI Zhi,TANG Ya-feng,LIANG Yi-xin,ZHU Ming
  2021,40(10):1526-1531 [Abstract(773)]  [View PDF 596.28 K (394)]
Determination of Degradation Rate of Zirconium Hydroxide on VX by Gas Chromatography Coupled with Aqueous Phase Termination-Solvent Extraction
  HUANG Xing-qi,ZHAO Ting,YAN Chun-xiao,JIN Yan-ren,ZHANG Hong-peng,HU Xiao-chun,WU Yue
  2021,40(10):1532-1537 [Abstract(779)]  [View PDF 659.54 K (286)]


Application of Rolling Ring Amplification in the Detection of Pathogenic Microorganism
  ZHANG Shi-jia,FENG Jian-jun,GUO Song-lin,WANG Yi-lei,LIN Peng
  2021,40(10):1538-1544 [Abstract(882)]  [View PDF 808.28 K (1106)]